Roblox Game And Kids

Roblox Review:

Roblox is one of the most popular app in the app store for Smart phone users. Roblox actively monitors all the situations and reports related to this game some reports shows that some parents from around the world thinks that this game is not appropriate for their kids. So This Article is specially for those parents guidance.

Area Of Problem:

The main problem which the parents find disturbing for their kids is the comments of the players which they post related to the game. Because this game allows you the option to share your experience after playing the game and some users post some bad comments and experience or just for fun they passes something inappropriate.

Solution About The Problem:

David Baszucki is the CEO of Roblox game states that they are working on removing this option for the betterment of the game. So when a player post a comment it will be only visible to him or his friends not to the players from all around the globe.

2nd Big Area where Problems Arise:

Roblox is just another game which provide you chat options with other players you are playing. Through chat players easily interect with each other and share their feelings and experience of the game. Some parents finds this inappropriate for their kids to interact with people whom they don’t know.

Solution About The Problem:

For this problem Roblox has created strict chat options for players from all around the world and specially for children they have developed security levels for example under 18 have strict chat options under 13 cant communicate with players from around the world. This option has made this game safe for children of all ages. Because with fewer chat options they cant interact and communicate with players.

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