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Everyone uses Facebook and many people want to be famous on it. In old days, it was difficult job because you need to ask your friends to like your images. But now it is not a tough job now because here is Apental Calc for you. Just download it and enjoy it.

Excited? I know you all are excited to know what is this app is about. This app saves your time and money. This app can help you to become popular on facebook in no time. Yes, that’s true now you can easily get famous on FB and without asking your friends for likes.

Apental Calc


This Apental Calc can give you unlimited likes and comments on your every status or images for free. With this app you can get famous on FB in one day and amaze your friends by showing them your likes and comments. So this app works like this.

This app has also other many features which you can realize after using it. So, if you are not using it and still searching for likes, you are wasting your time and energy. This app definitely blows your mind and you’ll soon realize that what you were missing before.

You need an android or IOS device to use this app. After that download the latest version of this app and install it on your smart phone. After that you need to open it and select your image or status where you want to increase likes. Then set the number of likes and click done. After some seconds, you’ll see many likes on your specific status or image.


  • Easy to understand
  • Responsive design
  • Thousands of free likes
  • Regularly updated app
  • Free for lifetime
  • Outstanding design

Final Words

This was the short review about Apental FB liker. Hope you’ll like it. I suggest you to must use this app once and in second time, you’ll be addicted to this app. Enjoy your free likes and comments with this app and amaze your all friends and colleagues by showing the likes.

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