AIO Downloader Old Version 3.4.2 APK 2018

Play store is one of the most and widely used plat form for downloading music, videos and apps for Android users but lets try something new. AIO Downloader is an alternative for play store just like the play store you can use it to download different apps and items. In some features AIO Downloader is better than play store like: it is more fast and effective than play store, there are more apps in AIO Downloader than play store, AIO Downloader is new to the market for Android users, the apps which are paid in play store are available free of cost in AIO Downloader, the more useful and basic apps for android users are present in the top list of AIO Downloader so you don’t need to search for it.

AIO Downloader Allows You To:

  • Find your favorite apps and games in AIO Downloader.
  • Every app in AIO Downloader is free of cost.
  • AIO Downloader contains newest launched apps and games.
  • With AIO Downloader you can also find for your favorite songs and videos.
  • Allows you to watch and listen online music.
  • Allows you to download educational and other fitness documents.
  • AIO Downloader saves your time because it finds your desired apps within a matter of seconds.

Some Additional Information About AIO Downloader:

  • The total Size of AIO Downloader is 3.9 MB which is a lot smaller than the google play store and other downloading apps for Android users.
  • AIO Downloader was Last updated on Nov 8 2017 by AIO developer team and added new cool features and updated the existing one for Android users.
  • AIO Downloader was basically designed by AIO Team for Android users.
  • AIO Downloader can be used with Android Version of 2.0 and above than 2.0 Android versions.

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