2.0.3 (Big Fish Eat Little Fish) Mod Plus APK 2018 is a really cool game for android users. It’s an original online game in which you need to control a tiny little cell. The purpose of the player in this game is to control his cell and absorb other player’s cell to make it the biggest. One hurdle in this game is others players will try to eat you too because it is the objective of the game to eat others and make your cell the biggest. If other player’s cells are smaller than yours then you don’t need to worry about them but if they got bigger cells than you then they will eat you. This game is totally dependent on your username if your username is American then your cell will have the color of the American flag.

How to Play:

Playing this game is very simple and easy. By pressing your finger on the screen of your smartphone you can move your cell in the arena. Dodge bigger cells and try your level best to absorb the small ones. You have to start again if your cell is absorbed by other players. is very similar to Osmose. The main difference between and Osmose is Agar is an online game and millions of players from all around the globe make it too interesting and attractive.

Additional Information about         

  • This game can be played on Android v2.3.3 and more.
  • More than 8159786 users have downloaded and played this game.
  • This game is basically designed only for Android users.
  • io was designed by
  • The total size of this APK is 26.04MB.
  • io is placed in Arcade category of google play store because it’s an arena game.
  • This game was last updated on Date 12,11,2017.

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